Eric Theriault ( born 1967 in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada ) is a cartoonist, best known for Veena , his self-published comic book mixing autobiography, nostalgia, time-travel and ghosts. He began cartooning in 1982 , with his early work owing a visual debt to Russ Manning, early Marvel comics and Metal Hurlant's brand of ligne claire. His first fanzines (Meteor, Krypton, Rectangle), published with the help of a group of friends quickly became the nexus that kickstarted a group of alternative/underground cartoonists toward a wider recognition as the Montreal Comic Scene.

Today, he share space at Studio 3265 with a group of fellow cartoonists working for a variety of publishers, like Moonstone Books, Fantagraphic, Image, Dc, Marvel, Dark Horse, Soleil. The group is made up of Yanick Paquette, Michel Lacombe, Martin Balcer, Sanya Anwar, Kate Bradley and Yan Mongrain. When he has time, he works on a graphic novel of John Star, an "existentialist" revision of space heroes like Flash Gordon. Excerpts have been published in Typhon. He remains a fixture in the Montreal comic community, and is continuing to produce personal comics when the opportunity comes.

Photo: Harmelle Jean

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