Saturday, January 21, 2006

Cy-Boar, Veena and guest art.

Artist Lou Graziani and I have done some exchange of guest art for our webcomics. But we could not synchronize it to be put in between stories at the same time and do some cross promo. So my art, a version of his Jill the sexy hillbilly girl- was on his site last month here.
And his version of Veena is here. So it's an exchange of cheesecake !
Cy-Boar has also a ton of guest art that you should check out. I have a little less guest art, but the next one should be by Bernie Mireault, the artist of The Jam.

We hope you'll check out the stories that goes with the guest art.
Cy-Boar is the story of a cyborg human-boar that has many adventure against the army or groups of super-villains. It remind me of an old Hulk comic from the '70s. I also like the coloring. I think Lou has a gift for it.
And Veena is...well, you already know if you're here.