Sunday, February 19, 2006

Carle Bacha and Bernie Mireault

Only one day left before the start of the new story, so I should mention a few things about the guest art. That last piece was done by Carle Bacha, inked and colored by Bernie Mireault.

Years before Veena was a webcomic, it was a comic book, and before that, a mini-comic distributed by mail thru promotion in a small press magazine called Factsheet Five. It was done on a few folded pieces of paper, photocopied, hand stapled and mailed for a few quarters. That'’s how it was done in those far away times before the Internet, where as now everything is free and available making everyone happy!
I'’m not sure how that drawing came about. My fuzzy memory says it might have been done during a "“NovaCon"”, a sort of mini convention taking place at the Nova bookshop (in Montreal, Canada) in the early '‘90s. Could be seen there were the local underground cartoonists, and a few mainstream ones. There might have been a comic jam taking place where Carle Bacha did a drawing of Veena. And Bernie Mireault took a big marker and inked it. I liked it enough to put it in the mini-comic.
Years later, when I reprinted part of the pages in the comic book version, I remembered about that page and asked Bernie if he wanted to color it for the back cover of #2.

What happened with those guys? Well, Bernie Mireault is now doing coloring for the Revolution on the Planet of the Apes comic book as well as working on a graphic novel, now halfway done. He has a web site here.

And Carle is still at it doing animation. Here are a few links on Newgrounds for his latest shorts. They are very cool !


The ones with Dr. Wigglepecker are done in collaboration with Rupert Bottenberg. Rupert is also one that has done a few comic pages in the early Veena mini-comics. He has no page to showcase his work that I know of, but he should ! He'’s now a music editor at the Montreal Mirror.

Music on those shorts is by The Unireverse, a fun psychedelic Moog rock band.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Friday, February 10, 2006

In stores: ABC : A to Z #3

It's been a while but I have a few new works in comic books, from now to the next few months.
First, the one that is available in the stores right now:
ABC : A to Z #3
That's a spin off of Terra Obscura, that serie written by Peter Hogan and based on Alan Moore's concepts, drawn by Yanick Paquette with various inkers, among them Karl Story and Serge Lapointe. You might remember that I did a few flashback pages to help Yanick get that "golden age" flavor. Well, the new book by Wildstorm recap everything and is a sort of "Official Handbook".

The second is, ta-dah , Tales of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle # 21. It will be in stores in March. I have a frontspiece page introducing this issues theme : cowboys and cows. That is the first of a few project that I have with Mirage Studios. Another frontspiece page will be published later this year and I also have a full story waiting for the approval of Mr. Peter Laird (one of the famous creators).If everything goes well this one should be written and drawn by me and starring Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo in the New York subway and meeting ghosts. I know its one of my regular theme but....Well, they always say that you should write about what you know....

Beside that, I have helped once again Michel Lacombe on more Star Wars comics (it's becoming more and more regular for Michel !) But due to my time being used on school books illustrations, I could not help him much. Only a panel here and there. But that should be in Star Wars Rebellion #0 (in march) and #3.