Thursday, September 18, 2014

Princess Futura by Yanick Paquette

Click on the picture     I have shared studio space with DC Comic artist Yanick Paquette for 12 of the last 14 years. In 2001, I was working on a short story for an underground Montreal small press publication called 106U. 6 pages of monsters and revolution from the evil Princess Futura, a character from my John Star serial going on at the time in my Veena comic book. One afternoon when coming in to work, a pencil drawing had been left on my drawing table: this art of Futura and the Hiss monster. Clearly, Yanick was looking for a subject as a warm up before working on the pencils of X-men's Gambit.
14 years later, I'm also looking for something fun to ink for a warm up...

Princess Futura appears in one story of the Veena webcomic. You can read it here:…

The webcomic is here:

That studio space shared with Yanick, was also shared with his assistant Clément Sauvé. We were the 3 of us and we did a lot of work there. I've written a blog post about Clément's death a few years ago, and there's a few photos of the work space. These were happy time like they say...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

1986: Une histoire en 4 planches.

La mise en ligne de mes planches de Black and Blind Dick Chick #1 est terminée. En attendant le second numéro ou il ne reste que les dialogues à ajouter, voici un morceau d'archive:"1986".

Quatre planches d'une histoire d'il y a 10 ans, qui a éventuellement été publié dans Plan Cartésien , le collectif dirigée par Jimmy Beaulieu dans la collection Cyclope aux Éditions Mécanique Générale.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Black and Blind Dick Chick #1 and 2, finished !
I've written a bit, but not a lot about Black and Blind Dick Chick the project I've drawn, but directed and written by Normand Labelle.
Two issues are finished, with only the lettering to finish on the second one. It's Normand's dream project and it's looking for a publisher right now.

What is it about ? 

B&BDC is an absurdist comic book series played totally straight by its characters, who consider the surrealism that taint their world as perfectly normal.
In a nutshell: A private detective who has to eat cereals in order to be able to see is hired to find a missing nose said to contain all the knowledge in the world, all the while taking care of a 18-month old baby girl who happens to be a cannibal. 
It does have beautiful women in black turtlenecks and long leather boots trying to avoid falling pianos, in case we forgot to mention that before.

The pages of the first issue are on line and you can read it on my Facebook page album. I've posted every page of #1, one each week. So it might be a good idea the check the FB page once in a while.

The complete album, here.

I'll keep posting pages of my comics every week there. The next one is "1986", a black and white story I did a few years ago.


Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Captain Canuck coloring book, really ?

As I went to buy a 1$ coloring book for my little boy in a Dollarama, I discovered to my surprise that there's a Captain Canuck coloring book there ! Flipping thru it, I quickly found at least one piece of art I inked back in 1993.
I'd like to remind whoever licensed this that I was not fully paid for that job. I'm still owned money. But with the profit margin on a 1$ book, i'm not holding my breath !
But really, a Captain Canuck coloring book ? Really ?

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Star Wars Expanded Universe dies and me too !

The Church of Star Wars has recently declared that the Extended Universe is no longer canon ! Like a religious edict, it means that everything that was not part of the movies (comics, novels, games) is no longer deemed to have "happened" and with it Tungo Li, the character based on my face dies !!

Thériault as Tungo Li


It's true, i'm not making this up...In 2006, Michel Lacombe was the great artist behind the Star Wars Rebellion comic and was asked to create the visuals for a new character that was to be the chief of the spy network of the Rebels. A few photos and my face was used to create him.

Tungo Li knows everything....

I get to say that Luke Skywalker is just an "emotionally imbalanced farmhand" and get away with it.
But sadly, I won't be called to play my role in Star Wars VII....

Star Wars Rebellion, written by Rob Williams and drawn by Michel Lacombe with help by myself on background and photos (camera and model !) .