Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Order of The Solar Temple ! For your childrens !

Yes, that's my current job. I'm working on a schoolbook where comics are used to help teenagers to understand hot topics like gangs, religious activities like shamanism or civil rights. In this case the topic is the dangers of cults or "religious" sects. The particular cult they are covering is the OTS, the Order of The Solar Temple, very active in Quebec and other french speaking countries during the 1980s and 90s.
It's a 28 pages story and here is the first finished colored page. I'm doing the pencils and the inks and I have 2 colorists.
More details soon.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

A new chatterbox called Shoutbox !

I have added a new "chatterbox" on the Veena webcomic page. The old one was gone because the Chatterbox company that made it, somehow went kaput. I haven't really ressearched the reasons and simply decided to remove it. It made the webpage look defective...
Months have gone by. I was too busy with illustrations and paying comic work, the Veena webcomic went into re-runs. The John Star story left hanging there...
But now, even in re-runs we get closer to the John Star story and i'll have new pages to add in a few months.
So, i'll make a few changes to the network of webpages that I have...(on ComicGenesis, Videotron, ComicSpace, My Space, etc...) and try to recenter things a little bit. I may have to remove the french section for a little while.

So, what am I working on ? The story of the Order of The Solar Temple ! It's a 28 pages story, all in color for a schoolbook in Quebec high schools. As strange as it may seem, they want to use the OTS story as a warning on cults for the Ethic And Religion program.
So, very busy with that for a month yet.