Sunday, September 21, 2008

"New" page on the Veena webcomic.

Yep. I posted a corrected version of this page last week here but I forgot to mention it here. I corrected some things here and there. You might notice.

It's not moving much on the webcomic page for a few reasons: I'm pretty busy with freelance illustration work : i've mostly been doing schoolbooks illustrations for the new "Ethic and religion" program that the Quebec Government is putting into place. It might sound boring but the subjects to draw are actually fun to do. I have to draw stuff that show the variety of culture and religions that the world had. So, I drew Ishtar, goddess of fertility, a werewolf, an amazon, Gilgamesh, Enkidu and a group of Hindu gods. Sort of "the official handbook of the Marvel Universe", but with world mythology.
I also worked for the Cirque Du Soleil visualising pre-production idea for a new show. But as is usual with these things, I signed a non-disclosure agreement. So i'll stay silent.

But as far as comics go, i'm not doing much with the webcomic because I have a book deal with 400 Coups. We'll be putting out "The Complete Veena" in french all in one book, with color and, a new story ! I'm happy about that since it's something that was missing: i'm living in Quebec where there is a good bande-dessinée culture going around, some publishers, a few festivals and book fairs, etc. And because Veena was done in english with an eye on the bigger english language readers, it's not that well known here. That book might change that. I hope.

Hopefully, the book should be out for spring 2009. Until then, I have to rescan everything, translate, color and do a new story. Lots of work.

I have done about 10 more pages of the John Star story that is "running" now , so i'll post them during that same period. Thanks for staying around !


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