Thursday, July 24, 2014

Black and Blind Dick Chick #1 and 2, finished !
I've written a bit, but not a lot about Black and Blind Dick Chick the project I've drawn, but directed and written by Normand Labelle.
Two issues are finished, with only the lettering to finish on the second one. It's Normand's dream project and it's looking for a publisher right now.

What is it about ? 

B&BDC is an absurdist comic book series played totally straight by its characters, who consider the surrealism that taint their world as perfectly normal.
In a nutshell: A private detective who has to eat cereals in order to be able to see is hired to find a missing nose said to contain all the knowledge in the world, all the while taking care of a 18-month old baby girl who happens to be a cannibal. 
It does have beautiful women in black turtlenecks and long leather boots trying to avoid falling pianos, in case we forgot to mention that before.

The pages of the first issue are on line and you can read it on my Facebook page album. I've posted every page of #1, one each week. So it might be a good idea the check the FB page once in a while.

The complete album, here.

I'll keep posting pages of my comics every week there. The next one is "1986", a black and white story I did a few years ago.