Friday, February 16, 2007

Attack of the 5' 6" woman !

That's the name of a very short story I did for Femforce #138. That happened unexpectedly: a pen pal from Italy was supposed to have a 2 page story we did published in an Italian magazine. That could not be done, so he sent it to AC Comics for use in Femzine. That's how I got in touch with them, just to get my artist comp copies.

They liked my art, and were in a rush to finish Femforce 138, where the theme is GTS, i.e. Giant Women, a bit like seen in the movie Attack of the 50 foot woman. I proposed my own take on it, a reversal of the theme. They agreed. So the title is Attack of the 5' 6" woman !
I did the plot and the pencils and the final script and the inks are by Mark Heike.
AC Comics are known as one of the 4 companies that started the Direct Sale market . The other being Pacific, First and Eclipse. They are well known for their dedication at reprinting the art of the golden age of comic book.

Update : March 4th

The Femforce message board has a review by Paul here.
An excerpt:
"In the next story, “Attack of the 5'6" Woman,” newcomer to AC, Eric Theriault, with assists by the Heikes, delivers a fun story that plays with the Giant Woman conventions a little bit. It’s well-paced and I liked that the reader knows what’s going on but the protagonist does not. It’s a mix of cheesecake and the old “Land of the Giants” tv series (and, if you’re old enough to remember that I guess I just gave away the surprise).


By the way, if you are here because you typed " feet stuck in glue ", maybe you should write me privately...

Friday, February 02, 2007

I'm interviewed on Bedeka.

I'd like to make an invitation to everyone who can read french to read an interview that Eric Lamiot did with me last summer on the Bedeka web site, but has only recently been posted on the site.
I'm pointing it because,'s an interview with me, but also because the updates on the news section of that site are pretty irregular these days and maybe nobody see them anymore.
It's here.

Questions cover my coloring on "Quentin le seul" a serie by Patrice Lesparre done for Pif Gadget (Pif is a kid magazine published for France's market), work published by Delcourt and Bamboo translating comic books originally done for the american indy market (Battle Hymn, The Goon, Grounded) and some news on my webcomic Veena, where John Star is now being serialised.