Monday, March 24, 2008

The Abominable Charles Christopher and other updates.

I've made some update and improvement to the webcomic page in the last month, trying to find a way to make it look a bit more lively.
One of the thing that were there, then removed because the company went out of business, and then but back in was the chatterbox. You may have noticed it. I hope you like the possibility of commenting on the webcomic. But maybe people will "chatter" a bit more once we get to the new pages of the John Star storyline.

I've also added a new "associate webcomic". It's called The Abominable Charles Christopher. It's written and drawn by Karl Kerchl. Karl is one of the guys I share the 3265 Studio with. While Karl is physically in Montreal working with us, he's mentally unfaithful to us with another group of cartoonists in Toronto. The group is called Transmission X and they do various comic and illustration work for big and small companies while still being masters of their own destinies by doing and posting to the world nine different webcomics. Great work that you should check out.
A bit more about Karl ? From the Transmission X site:


Karl has been drawing comics for 14 years. He has worked on Superman, The Flash, Robin and the Teen Titans, among other heroic things, and recently self-published a graphic novella for the band Ragni, which he wrote and drew. He is currently working on an original graphic novel and producing weekly webcomics with his pals in Toronto.He has two very demanding and overweight cats, both of whom are French-Canadian.

While i've never met his cats, I can attest to the fact that french-canadian cats are not all overweight. Mine is not. There.
And about Tranmission X:

Transmission-X is a web-comics anthology created by a collective of illustrators and writers based out of Toronto, Canada. Featuring the work of acclaimed industry veteran Karl Kerschl (Superman, Teen Titans: Year One), Andy Belanger, Michael Cho, Claudia Davila, Scott Hepburn, Brian Mclachlan, Ramon Pérez and Eisner Award nominees Cameron Stewart (The Other SIde, Catwoman, Seaguy) and Arthur Dela Cruz (Kissing Chaos). Transmission-X is updated daily with free, original content.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

John Star is now a Facebook Group.

Yes, I'm getting into the facebook thing like everyone else ! I've had a Facebook page since last year, but mostly I use it with my friends and want to keep it personal. But I used the Group function to create a page about John Star. It can help gather readers from the Facebook network and keep them posted about new work being published on the webcomic.
So if you are on Facebook, it's an invitation: come join the group !


In the meantime, the Veena webcomic is still in rerun of the "The Expanding Spiral" story. After that, the rerun will be of the John Star storyline. At that point new material never seen anywhere will be posted.
To celebrate that, i'll do a redesign of the page.