Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The forum is alive once again !

As the title says, yes, it's back on. For a while, this forum that I share with Steve Requin's The Eight got locked to everyone not registered because some robots were posting junk and nonsense...That was the only way to stop that for a while. Then Steve had "life" get in the way of his involvement with his webcomic and things stuck at that point.
Now he's back, the forum is now unlocked to all. The Eight even has new pages that will be posted on a new site soon.

As to why Veena doesn't have her own forum, even if she should : Here is the reason. All the webcomics I see do seem to have their own forum. What happen is that if every one has one, then nobody goes to one. If I stay on my forum waiting to have people come, and Acid Keg's fans do the same, then nobody is discovering new comics and all webcomics become little incestuous cliques. To broaden the readership you have to go and meet. That's what I do when I go to many message boards of webcomics like Comic Genesis, Buzzcomix, Café Salé, The Comic journal, Comicon, BD Québec, Bédéka and others. It's about networking.
So come and chat about Veena and about anything you want. You can even come and promote yourself. We'll listen.