Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Des tirés à part à l'Expozine - Update

Lors de l'Expozine 2007, qui se tiendra la fin de semaine prochaine, Éric Thériault offrira en exclusivité trois tirés à part en couleurs, numérotés et signés.

L'éditeur de ces pièces est La Grande Ourse, organisateur du festival d'Andenne et éditeur de L'Inédit, le magazine belge spécialisé dans le portefolio de planches et d'illustrations inédites (d'où le nom!).

© BDQuébec.



Expozine a très bien été ! Les ventes ont été bonnes et il y avait plein de gens en visite pour la journée ou j'étais là. J'y ai été samedi mais pas dimanche. A coté de moi, y'avait mon scénariste de la chronique Stats dans Safarir, Kurt Beaulieu qui vendait sa musique concrète sur CD et son nouveau mini-comic; Nicolas Plamondon et son nouveau zine "La mort, cette retardataire" ; Blonk; Francis Hervieux et MensuHell et, bien sur, Sirkowski et ses rats vendant Miss Dynamite.
Tiens, Jack Ruttan a pris plusieures photo qu'il nous montre sur sa page de Flicker. Il y a aussi Veronique qui en a prises quelques unes. Si d'autres gens ont des liens a ajouter ou des commentaires pour Expozine, signalez-les moi.
Jack: Jour 1
Jack: Jour 2
Jack: les rats de Sirkowski.
Veronique: Ici

Friday, August 24, 2007

Reactor Girl #6

Tom Spurgeon talked about an old anthology I contributed to in 1991. Here.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Safarir 225, juillet 2007

Kurt Beaulieu et moi continuons de faire la chronique illustrée des Stats. Depuis 3 mois déja, Kurt m'écrit le scénario et j'illustre à la ligne avec tons de gris. Comme le nom l'indique, c'est une série de gags basés sur les statistiques venant de Léger et Léger, Ipsos et autres irritants des sondages téléphoniques... Malgré mes peurs, l'humour de Kurt passe assez bien la transition à la formule du gag traditionnel de Saf. Et on réussi meme à y faire des références bédé: Sabine, personnage fétiche de Kurt y fait une apparition et on a réussi à glisser Le Père Lacloche (Pete the tramp) dans le role d'un clochard de Montréal. Le personnage de Clarence D. Russell créé en 1932 réussi assez bien la transition ! Faut dire que la pauvreté continue d'etre d'actualité...
La couverture, visible ici, montre bien sûr les Tetes à Claques. Saf s'accroche à leur 15 minutes de gloire, ce qui a tres bien marché la derniere fois qu'ils étaient en couverture.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Betty Page art

The drawing in this post is a special "commission". I was asked to give some art for a charity. I must admit that I did not understand all the details, the original message was in Italian but I did get that they were trying to sell artwork to help fund an african charity, in Tanzania. An italian penpal gave my name and I wound up in the company of Milo Manara, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Gabriel of the eight, Giuseppe of Bernardo, Corrado Mastantuono, Fabrizio Fiorentino and Stefano Raffaele. I'm impressed that Manara is in there...Anyway, since these artists are in the "good girl" style, I decided to use an idea for a future project and explore it a bit in this context. Plus, Betty Page is easily recognisable. So if you want to buy my artwork, you should get in touch with Roberto Riccio here and here.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Chatterbox problems....

If your reading this news from the Veena webcomics page, you can look right next to this news box and you'll see a Chatterbox. Right now it doesn't look like much because it seems that Flooble, the company that manage the code, lost something to make it work...I have no idea how to fix this. I might have to install a new account, or simply to forget about the whole thing. If you think it's useful, just write me !It's kinda bad. I think we lost a lot of messages...among them all those from Michele Laframboise and her boyfriend who posted regularly, and even recently that guy who was a fan of Alphaville and saw Lemmy Caution in the look of one character in this story....

Also, you may have noticed that there is no longer a link to the Forum page. It's because I decided that it wasn't really what I needed. Initially, the forum was shared between 2 webcomics: Veena and The Eight. Since it's writer, Steve Requin, was the main moderator and not me, when he stopped updating his comic in 2005, he stopped maintaining it on a regular basis, ad ware began to post junk and I could not do much about it. These problems lead to disuse of the forum, among other things .It's too bad because it was useful to make people know about each other's webcomics...A form of cross pollination. Maybe I could try to do a similar thing with Miss Dynamite where a lot of my readers link from, or a could maybe open a Comicgenesis forum account ...

Friday, April 20, 2007

Montréal Comic Con - Sunday April 22nd

I always forget to mention those things... I talk about my trip to Toronto but never mention it when it's a convention from home...
I've been invited to the Montréal Comic Con next Sunday. Other guests will include David Finch, Serge Lapointe, Clément Sauvé and Sirkowski.

The details:

Sunday 22nd April
From 10am to 5pm
By Metro: Take the metro (subway) to the PLACE-D'ARMES station, located under the Palais, and follow the signs.
Walking: The building of the Palais takes the whole block surrounded by Viger Ave. (North), Saint-Antoine Street (South), Saint-Urbain Street (East), and Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle (West), an extension of De Bleury Street.

See you there!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Deja Voodoo !

Somewhere in the late 80's, there was a band called Deja Voodoo. I was a huge fan of their sludgeabilly swamp music. Every time they played in Montreal, I was there. They were Gerard Van Herk and Tony Dewald and played a very stripped down type of rockabilly.They dressed very simply; short hair, suits and bow ties or maybe a plastic spider instead of a tie ? At some point Van Herk decided to publish a comic book with short stories about music. When I heard about it I jumped on the opportunity. That was my first "comic book".
Here's a Youtube where you can hear them play.
They were my favorite band from my arrival in Montreal at 17 up to when they stopped playing in the very early 90s, so that little thing is my tribute to them for the fun they gave me and for publishing me.
Eventually, i'll put a scan of the cover of this comic.They have a MySpace page here.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Attack of the 5' 6" woman !

That's the name of a very short story I did for Femforce #138. That happened unexpectedly: a pen pal from Italy was supposed to have a 2 page story we did published in an Italian magazine. That could not be done, so he sent it to AC Comics for use in Femzine. That's how I got in touch with them, just to get my artist comp copies.

They liked my art, and were in a rush to finish Femforce 138, where the theme is GTS, i.e. Giant Women, a bit like seen in the movie Attack of the 50 foot woman. I proposed my own take on it, a reversal of the theme. They agreed. So the title is Attack of the 5' 6" woman !
I did the plot and the pencils and the final script and the inks are by Mark Heike.
AC Comics are known as one of the 4 companies that started the Direct Sale market . The other being Pacific, First and Eclipse. They are well known for their dedication at reprinting the art of the golden age of comic book.

Update : March 4th

The Femforce message board has a review by Paul here.
An excerpt:
"In the next story, “Attack of the 5'6" Woman,” newcomer to AC, Eric Theriault, with assists by the Heikes, delivers a fun story that plays with the Giant Woman conventions a little bit. It’s well-paced and I liked that the reader knows what’s going on but the protagonist does not. It’s a mix of cheesecake and the old “Land of the Giants” tv series (and, if you’re old enough to remember that I guess I just gave away the surprise).


By the way, if you are here because you typed " feet stuck in glue ", maybe you should write me privately...

Friday, February 02, 2007

I'm interviewed on Bedeka.

I'd like to make an invitation to everyone who can read french to read an interview that Eric Lamiot did with me last summer on the Bedeka web site, but has only recently been posted on the site.
I'm pointing it because, em..it's an interview with me, but also because the updates on the news section of that site are pretty irregular these days and maybe nobody see them anymore.
It's here.

Questions cover my coloring on "Quentin le seul" a serie by Patrice Lesparre done for Pif Gadget (Pif is a kid magazine published for France's market), work published by Delcourt and Bamboo translating comic books originally done for the american indy market (Battle Hymn, The Goon, Grounded) and some news on my webcomic Veena, where John Star is now being serialised.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

The end of the world !!

While surfing, I found a page on the Montreal Mirror site that had art I did nearly 8 years ago ! That was when 1999 was synonymous with the end of the world, or at least with the Millenium Bug.
It's here.
Once a year, the Montreal Mirror asked editor Rupert Bottenberg to built a whole issue full of cartoons, so that the journalists could take a vacation during the Christmas time. That was a good idea and they should bring it back !
My style was a bit simpler back then...