Saturday, May 07, 2005

Veena at the Time Travelers Convention.

You find the strangest thing on the internet....There is actually a live, real "Time travelers" convention being organised right now. Info here. Time Travel does not exist yet, but the point is that if it's ever invented you need only one convention for all of eternity, not one every year. As long as the travelers have heard about it, they will make the travel back in time to the con. So, if you look at a photo of a con now, it may be empty, but look at it in a year, you may see Dr. Who or Veena. That's a paradox, time is very fluid and can be affected retroactively. Yes, I'm telling you all this because Veena time travel and may go one day.
In the meantime, NBC is supposed to cover the event. I'm not making this up....

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