Friday, August 19, 2005

Toronto : I'll be at the Comic Book Expo.

Yes, i'll be there. The Con is the last weekend of august, so from the 26th to the 28. I'm a guest, my name is even in the brochure! I'll bring my portfolio, so if you come and chat with me, i'll show you the originals on what I worked on in the last year: the covers for Screw magazine, art for Safarir magazine, maybe some Star Wars and Batman begins pages where I worked on the background art and many other things. I'll also bring copies of all the Veena issues and some copies of CandyAppleBlack, the comic I inked last year.
I'll be happy to chat with you all!


By the way, you can now notice that my scanner is back on and i've begin posting new webcomics.

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