Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Webcomics of the week

There are a few webcomics that I promised to highlight recently.

Liriel has put me as a "link of the week" on her BadBlood webcomic main page. That was the second time in a year so I promised I would do the same. Better late than never, so here it is! Here is how it's described on the Online Comics directory:

BadBlood by Liriel McMahon
Chance? Fate? ...or pawn? Jared fights to keep his soul, find redemption, and challenge an evil as old as civilization. A mature vampire tale set in Seattle and updated every Thursday!

It's been online for the last 3 years so there are a lot of pages to read, enough to lose yourself in it for a while. Liriel is also an active participant on Buzzcomix and other forums about webcomics.


I'd also like to mention that AcidKeg is back with a new story. It's been out of circulation for the last 6-8 months and was missed by all the fans of retro-cool art.
If you like Veena, you're likely to like it too.


Steve Hogan said...

Thanks for the plug Eric!

P.S. Liriel's a girl!

Eric said...

Oups! Well, it's corrected now.

Liriel said...

LMAO~ heheh, everyone gets that wrong XD

Thanks Eric ^_^ !