Saturday, February 09, 2008

A new chatterbox called Shoutbox !

I have added a new "chatterbox" on the Veena webcomic page. The old one was gone because the Chatterbox company that made it, somehow went kaput. I haven't really ressearched the reasons and simply decided to remove it. It made the webpage look defective...
Months have gone by. I was too busy with illustrations and paying comic work, the Veena webcomic went into re-runs. The John Star story left hanging there...
But now, even in re-runs we get closer to the John Star story and i'll have new pages to add in a few months.
So, i'll make a few changes to the network of webpages that I have...(on ComicGenesis, Videotron, ComicSpace, My Space, etc...) and try to recenter things a little bit. I may have to remove the french section for a little while.

So, what am I working on ? The story of the Order of The Solar Temple ! It's a 28 pages story, all in color for a schoolbook in Quebec high schools. As strange as it may seem, they want to use the OTS story as a warning on cults for the Ethic And Religion program.
So, very busy with that for a month yet.

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...please where can I buy a unicorn?