Friday, December 12, 2008

Betty Page leaves for pin-up heaven.

News here.

Since Veena has an obvious visual link to Betty Page, I guess I should post this here too.

It's a sad news. I "discovered" her in 1981 while reading Metal Hurlant. Her likeness was used for a character in Bois Willy, the serie that Denis Sire wrote and drew back then. That was way before Dave Stevens's Rocketeer. I guess Sire and Dionnet, his editor, knew of her appeal before most of the planet remembered her in the 90's.

Betty Page seen thru the eye of Denis Sire has probably been a strong influence for me. I'm actually working on a Veena story where Betty Page is not seen but has a big importance.

So her presence will be with me for a long while...


I had an earlier post with some picture I did of her here.

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Baron bleu-obscur said...

I didn't know that you were strongly influenced by Denis Sire...

From him, I just like the album MENACE DIABOLIQUE. A very good parody, as you should know !