Sunday, November 13, 2005

Stephane Peru, our new colorist.

You guys already know that I share studio space with other cartoonists? ( Yes, I've mentioned this a few times already....) Early this November, one French guy from France phoned us saying he heard about our studio from Wes Craig and he wanted to know if he could work with us. We learned his name is Stephane Peru and he's a colorist for albums on the European French market for publishers like Soleil, Delcourt and Semic among others. We like to have talented people like that so the next day, he brought his Mac and began to work !
Stephane is a very upbeat nice guy and he bring his coloring experience to us. It's a valuable thing since we did not have that expertise inside the studio. Serge Lapointe sometimes work with Blond, Michel Lacombe, Frefon and I color our own work but it's different.
Stephane worked with his brother Olivier on a 3 part serie called Shaman for Soleil.You should try to find it. It's worth it.

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