Friday, November 07, 2008

Fan Service For Obama : the bribe to win !

Yes, it's here now !
Obama won in the U.S., the Conservatives are still a minority government in Canada so i'll follow my promise and post the cheesecake !
Just click the picture !
And for the one that Sirkowski promised on the Miss Dynamite site, just go here. He has 3 color pages that will be there for a few days only !!

Your comments are welcome cause i'm a bit jalous that people are only posting on Sirk blog ! By the way, i'm open to commissions, just write me.


Fusion said...

truly awesome

0kami said...

Great picture, Eric!

I'm really looking forward to the next 4 years, I'm sure that they will be much more optimistic than the last decade...

Anonymous said...

very cute!

Eric Theriault said...

Thanks guys !
Poor Obama ! He has so much weight and expectations on his shoulders, the first few mistakes he does...Bang!
Anyway, can't be worst than the Bush years...

hound said...

Thanks for the pic Eric it's very hot.

I'm looking forward to the next four years too, I hope Obama can change the country for the better.

As far as Obama potentially making mistakes after the Bush administration he could practically burn down the white while having gay sex with an underage hooker and people wouldn't care too much.

Also lol you're jealous of Sirkowsky's comments. :P