Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Interviewed for Adventures Into Digital Comics

Last year, I was interviewed by Sebastien Dumesnil for his new movie Adventures Into Digital Comics. It took a while to be ready, but the movie is now finished and has begun to travel to cinema festival worldwide. The interview is not actually in the movie but served to frame some informations about comics. It's now online here.

This is how their website describe the movie:
"What is a comic book? How has the use of computers changed the creation process of print comics? Should webcomics be created in such a way that they cannot be sold as books? When does a webcomic stop being a comic and enter the realm of animation? Can webartists live from their work? These are some of the questions we try to answer in Adventures Into Digital Comics, a documentary film analyzing the events that changed the comic book industry and art form over the last decade. Investigating the work and ideas of established and up and coming comic artists, director S├ębastien Dumesnil offers the audience a vision of the future of a rapidly evolving medium. The film opens a window onto the dynamic renaissance of the comic taking place today on the web, exploring the obsessions and passions, not to mention the ever present struggle to survive, of the artists behind the images. Official Selection Icon 2006!"

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