Monday, November 27, 2006

Lots of guests art and a brand new Archive section !

On Comicgenesis message board here, I recently made an offer to trade guest art for a link and some good word of mouth in the news section. The only requirement is that it be about Veena or any character or situation from the webcomic.

I was happy with the result. 4 very good artists answered the call and a few more made promises. You may already have noticed that the last 2 weeks of strips were fill-in. The first one was from Roman Wunderlich, artist of B-Movie Comic. He actually did 3 different pieces, all done with a great sense of humour and great colors. This week's piece is called Veena Yaoi but should be called John Star Yaoi, making fun of the friendship of John and Paul-Hitler-Dixon, and at the same time turning on it's head the nastiness of the nazi look.That was one invitation I was making : I want artist with styles that are different from mine. I want to see how they interpret the characters, especially the manga style. That's what I got from G.L. Gillen, the artist of Squid Ninja. But his style is so round and cute that it seem to be from beyond manga and maybe more from old Warner Brother cartoons.
Next week will be the one by Nathan Birch of Zoology. He just did a pose of Veena herself and he really got the attitude right. Even the clothing is perfect down to the panties animal patterns !

I'll be back with more comments from 2 others after that.

You may have noticed that I did a few changes on the Veena webcomic page. By popular demand I added an archive page. So you have one now. You might say it's in beta version cause it's full of bugs. But it'll get you where you want. I've done it in a "summary" style cause unless you are doing a daily humour strip, i think the calandar style is pretty useless. It doesn't tell you anything about what you might want to read. So I hope that adding that will help to read more than just the early strips or the most recent ones.

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