Friday, February 16, 2007

Attack of the 5' 6" woman !

That's the name of a very short story I did for Femforce #138. That happened unexpectedly: a pen pal from Italy was supposed to have a 2 page story we did published in an Italian magazine. That could not be done, so he sent it to AC Comics for use in Femzine. That's how I got in touch with them, just to get my artist comp copies.

They liked my art, and were in a rush to finish Femforce 138, where the theme is GTS, i.e. Giant Women, a bit like seen in the movie Attack of the 50 foot woman. I proposed my own take on it, a reversal of the theme. They agreed. So the title is Attack of the 5' 6" woman !
I did the plot and the pencils and the final script and the inks are by Mark Heike.
AC Comics are known as one of the 4 companies that started the Direct Sale market . The other being Pacific, First and Eclipse. They are well known for their dedication at reprinting the art of the golden age of comic book.

Update : March 4th

The Femforce message board has a review by Paul here.
An excerpt:
"In the next story, “Attack of the 5'6" Woman,” newcomer to AC, Eric Theriault, with assists by the Heikes, delivers a fun story that plays with the Giant Woman conventions a little bit. It’s well-paced and I liked that the reader knows what’s going on but the protagonist does not. It’s a mix of cheesecake and the old “Land of the Giants” tv series (and, if you’re old enough to remember that I guess I just gave away the surprise).


By the way, if you are here because you typed " feet stuck in glue ", maybe you should write me privately...

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