Friday, February 02, 2007

I'm interviewed on Bedeka.

I'd like to make an invitation to everyone who can read french to read an interview that Eric Lamiot did with me last summer on the Bedeka web site, but has only recently been posted on the site.
I'm pointing it because,'s an interview with me, but also because the updates on the news section of that site are pretty irregular these days and maybe nobody see them anymore.
It's here.

Questions cover my coloring on "Quentin le seul" a serie by Patrice Lesparre done for Pif Gadget (Pif is a kid magazine published for France's market), work published by Delcourt and Bamboo translating comic books originally done for the american indy market (Battle Hymn, The Goon, Grounded) and some news on my webcomic Veena, where John Star is now being serialised.


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