Sunday, October 19, 2008

Update: Veena, Miss Dynamite and Blackie for Obama.

Last tuesday in canadian elections, the Conservatives (read as Reform Party of Canada) won a minority gouvernment. Their position is actually a bit stronger than before, but still, the first part of our bribe is met.
So, we only need to have the Democrats win the White House on november 4th to have a few naughty drawings.

If you're curious to see how I do cheesecake, the picture in this post is a drawing I did for Keenlace, an annual thing that ComicGenesis does to promote it's webcomics once a year. "Keenlace is a collection of comic characters (male/female/whatever) in their nightwear, underthings or otherwise in dishabille. Pictures range from tame to tempestuous, funny to fell, sweet to sultry..." Since it's a trio, there should be a lot more skin.

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