Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back in animation !

It's been two weeks now, but I've been working at the Oasis Animation Studio here in Montreal. The show is called Arthur.
If it seem familiar, it's because 10 years ago I was also working in animation on the same show, but at Cinar. Arthur is on it's twelfth season with the same director, Greg Bailey. What I understand is that Oasis is subcontracting for Cookie Jar, the new name of Cinar. I'm having fun. It's like wearing old clothes. I know all the designs by heart almost and I'm working with poeple I know well doing character design. It's a small change because back then I was doing background design.

I've never posted something from Youtube here, so it's a first for me. So here goes, this is a show:

The job will be for two month. And during that time I plan to continue working - in the morning before going to work - on Frankenstein Réassemblé, the second book I'm doing with 400 Coups. More about that later.

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