Thursday, September 18, 2014

Princess Futura by Yanick Paquette

Click on the picture     I have shared studio space with DC Comic artist Yanick Paquette for 12 of the last 14 years. In 2001, I was working on a short story for an underground Montreal small press publication called 106U. 6 pages of monsters and revolution from the evil Princess Futura, a character from my John Star serial going on at the time in my Veena comic book. One afternoon when coming in to work, a pencil drawing had been left on my drawing table: this art of Futura and the Hiss monster. Clearly, Yanick was looking for a subject as a warm up before working on the pencils of X-men's Gambit.
14 years later, I'm also looking for something fun to ink for a warm up...

Princess Futura appears in one story of the Veena webcomic. You can read it here:…

The webcomic is here:

That studio space shared with Yanick, was also shared with his assistant Clément Sauvé. We were the 3 of us and we did a lot of work there. I've written a blog post about Clément's death a few years ago, and there's a few photos of the work space. These were happy time like they say...

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