Wednesday, April 07, 2010

New John Star page posted.

After almost a year without a single posting of new John Star/Veena page on the webcomic section, i've finally been able to squeeze a little bit of time and finish a page (and post it !). In fact, i do have a few more pages done, but I had this one background in panel 2 of this page that was not ready...That's what was causing the delay.
Most of my time - while i'm not doing art jobs like school books illustrations, animation and commissions - was used this last year on the french edition of Veena (Veena et les spectres du temps). And now, i'm finishing a second book for them: Frankenstein Réassemblé.
So, there you go. That's the reason.


I've also made a bit of clean-up in the Veena guest art section.
I've put all of it together. Here's a list of the artists:
Bernie Mireault, Kurt Beaulieu, Yanick Paquette, Michel Lacombe, Lou Graziani, Nathan Birch, Eric Lamiot, Justin Tant, Spunkyneko, Duy, Nicolas Plamondon, G. L. Gillen and Roman Wunderlich.


hound said...

Cool, so are you going to release the pages one a week or something? If so what day?

Eric Theriault said...

I have 2 new ones placed in the comic genesis FTP that will be released on the 14, 21 and 28 of april. So that's a wednesday. Now i'll look into those links you mentionned !

hound said...

Hey Eric I'm just curious, I know you get kinda bummed about your webcomic not getting a lot of hits. Do you make sure to update your facebook and myspace when you update? You know just put a message "new comic is up *link*."

Also have you considered posting your comic on newgrounds? They have a art portal now for drawings. I think they let you customize the page and everything. You could start off at the beginning and work your way up.

Anyway hope you don't mind the suggestions. I really like your work and you seem like a cool guy so I wanted to try and help.

Eric Theriault said...

I don't mind the suggestion at all ! I do appreciate it in fact and I will look into the newgrounds thing (I didn't know).
But the fact is that i simply do not update often enough...
I should put more stuff into the main blog (here) so that at least there is activity !

hound said...

I was thinking too after I posted that, you're in good with Sirkowski and Vincent Grisanti of Contemplating Reiko right? Why not try and talk them into doing a fan art each of Veena or John Star so you have something to post when you know it'll be a while between updates. Maybe you could do a trade and do a fan art of their characters in exchange.

Also Vincent sometimes blogs about webcomics he likes on his facebook, ask him to mention you. I'd make sure you have new content for people to see though so no one will be dissapointed.

Lastly I think so long as you update once a week people don't mind. I noticed after browsing the archive you haven't updated much since '06. People would be more willing to check out your webcomic if you show them it's not dead.

This is a good webcomic you're a good artist and you write interesting stories, you just need to let people know it's here. ^_^