Sunday, April 25, 2010

John Star: page 260 is online.

Third page in a row ! One a week. Go to the webcomic page for a bigger view.


Veena has also been added to the listing of webcomics on, here. If you want to vote for it, or add comments, that would make it more interesting and attractive to people looking at the page.
By the way, does anyone know what going on with the site ? The announced merge with Comic Space 3 years ago never happened...and there's been no updates since...


hound said...

I'd vote for it but I'm not sure how, and from what I can tell they want me to pay money first.

Aside, you seeing any increase in traffic since you started doing this?

Eric Theriault said...

Maybe you simply have to register ?
Otherwise, I would not suggest to pay. It's not worth it...

Traffic has doubled in the last 4 weeks !

hound said...

"Traffic has doubled in the last 4 weeks !"

Hey yeah! Good for you, I told you, you needed regular updates and to let people know you're here.

Eric Theriault said...

I know the facebook page has also been usefull ! The number of follower has also doubled.
But my stats can't specifically count this. I'll have to swich stats counter to the one google is offering.